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Web Application & Mobile Application Development Services

We are ready to move towards modernize your requirement through our Application Development Services. Let us know your requirement for IT development that your users are looking for to Switch into a digital, secure, and data-driven enterprise with our expertise.

Modern Application Development:
Re-think the way you deliver to get the most from modern technology. WTL aids you in modern delivery of secure applications that elevate User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX). Dynamic work environments can benefit from adopting new delivery methods and we are with you from the ideation to scoping, design, development implementation stage.
Seek our aid for app design and architecture, custom applications, successful cloud native application building, security and resilience apps and a lot more.

Transform your current applications portfolio:
Business agility, reduced operational costs ,improved UI/UX and fast-tracked insights are just a step away because we can modernize your existing legacy applications. Seamless migration to cloud with the best tools can help you unlock business secrets.

Application Testing Support
WTL will ensure the quality of your application pertaining to its performance, security and other factors.

Managing Application Performance
Your IT infrastructure is safe with us. We leverage our secure platform to provide you with new and improved solutions where you can look at reducing spends on application management. You get access to a full-stack support for any business need and our application service automation enables process areas to become automated thereby positively impacting your services. This time saved and money saved can be reinvested in improving your digital transformation. We also understand your customer and seek to manage application performance keeping them at the core of experience.
Turnkey Software Solutions & Software Development

ERP Solutions
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WTL offers convenient, analytical, and reliable IT outsourcing services for a plethora of organizations.

By optimizing the existing IT estates, we help customers save more. Having innovation at its forefront, WTL shares a clear path for customers to move large fragments of their IT to the cloud seamlessly
Network Services

Network Services

One of the biggest challenges for IT leaders today is that they are torn between the growing demands of end users and the need of the enterprise to control costs. While end users want alternatives to where and how they work, providing them with the same can be quite a tedious task.
WTL’s services can help achieve the right balance by providing a fantastic network infrastructure with the help of inhouse domain expertise. Users are always thrilled with a pleasing work environment.
As more and more companies make the switch to a hybrid cloud, the methodologies of deploying network infrastructure also must constantly evolve. Whether it’s to a hosted location, public cloud, or enterprise-owned data center, the emerging world demands next-gen, cutting-edge connectivity. WTL promises to provide exactly that.

Compute and Data Centre Services

We deliver expertise and managed services for compute & Data Centre Services. These help in reducing the operational expenses of aging technology and ensure the smooth transition to the latest, business-building technologies.
WTL also provides remarkable colocation services. Our Government Clientele rest easy as they house their IT equipment in our data centre facilities with tight security. Furthermore, WTL’s regular assessments, planning, and advice help our customers meet their business objectives efficiently.
Compute and Data Centre Services
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WTL would be engaged in setting up & switching over your existing internal software and infrastructure to Cloud Services for you with the help of inhouse domain expertise Your organization can modernize itself by making this switch and also manage data exchange in a more secure fashion

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting:
Reduce the need for IT staff by opting for a cloud environment on the basis your demand and needs. Have an edge over your competitors by adopting a cloud-led business with seamless activation of IT solutions including SAP.

Cloud Migration:
Access services that a lot of customers find useful, and let them scale your business. Whether it’s a platform, service, or infrastructure WTL can help your organization derive better business outcomes with the Cloud offerings

Cloud Infra Security:
If your organization requires advanced security measures, a on-premise cloud can be set up on a need basis. Otherwise, a hybrid cloud service combines solutions of a public and private cloud that becomes a win-win situation. Sensitive data can be stored privately while employees can still access data for everyday purposes

Cloud Development:
  • Custom Cloud Application Development.
  • Application Migration to Cloud.
  • Infrastructure Migration to Cloud.
  • General Cloud Development.
  • Hybrid Cloud Services.
  • On-premise Infrastructure to Cloud integration.
  • Maintenance and Support for Cloud Applications.
Data is now driven by modern analytics ,Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that are inseparable from businesses of today. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary Information and communications technology. Take your organization to a newer height with our competent industry expertise, tried and tested methodologies that encourage digital transformation, and add to your growth as an organization. Empower your company with AI & ML and Analytics
Scale-up your business with WTL’s robust offerings pertaining to Data, AI, ML and Analytics.

Data Governance
Raw figures and overflowing data are hardly ever useful, unless governed in the right manner. With the changes in laws and fast evolving analytics, it is important to monitor data throughout its cycle. To overcome data governance challenges, you can turn to WTL.
Improve and enhance business productivity, security and reduce operation costs when you allow us to manage content during the entire life cycle.
You will get our trusted advisors that aid you in meeting your objectives and manage your information in the way that equips your business for the present and future.
With our expertise, you will get access to real-time accurate data to tweak business paths and make necessary decisions at a much faster pace
You focus on growing the business, we focus on reducing the risk for you with effective support.
Get precise and reliable analytic results whenever you want.

Data Warehouse
Extract, transform, load or extract, load, transform design and implementation. Data warehouse and data marts design and implementation.

Data Science

Managed Business Intelligence

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